Open Water Coaching

Provided at Activities Away Lincoln, our  open water sessions run on a 1:1 and a group basis. Group sessions are available to be booked onto at least once a month during the summer season (April – September).






Welcome to Open Water Swimming (WOWS)
60 minutes of dedicated support 1:1 (£30) or1:2 (£50)
Held at Activities Away our WOWS intro’s are led by ASA/STA/BTF/Blueseventy accredited coaches. Our WOWS Intro will take you just 60 minutes to become competent, confident and comfortable in the open water. We will provide you with an overview of open water swimming, a wetsuit fitting and accompany you in the water for acclimatisation and your first swim. (Blueseventy wetsuit hire is also available on site)


Blueseventy Open Water Sessions (BOWS)
A full half days course –
£40 per person 
All of our workshops are led by ASA / STA /BTF Level 2 Blueseventy accredited coaches. Your session will start with a dry land briefing, theory session and assessment of your needs. This is followed by a full hour in the water working at your own level. By the end of your swim session we aim to ensure that you are able to swim safely, confidently and effectively in open water. As you progress, or for experienced swimmers, we will cover open water skills such as starts, drafting, sighting, turns & transitions. The course includes wetsuit hire, silicone swim cap and even a hot drink to finish.

2017 Course dates coming soon!


1:1 Coaching for Racing Open Water (ROWS)
Provided by 100% Swimming Head Coach – Paul Fowler
Session includes stroke & race analysis (1.5 hours – £80)
Held at Activities Away, Lincoln, at a time to suit you we provide a 100% tailored session to meet your exact needs. Because we tailor each session to you it does not matter if you new to open water or an advanced open water swimmer. As a swimmer looking for an edge on your opponents or simply looking to improve your own ability, you will gain maximum benefit from this session because it is all about you! You will complete the session with a clear improvement path and take away action plan to help you continue your improvements.

Contact us to arrange a session to suit your availability.



Paul Fowler
Head Coach























“The Wire” is a 3800m rough water swim held in Cyprus on the Eastern side of Akrotiri peninsula, hosted by “100% Swimming Cyprus an SBA registered Open Water Swim Coaching business” members of swim tribe can access this challenge as a part of future trips.

 “The Wire” –  leader board 2015
1) 06/04/15 Paul Fowler 48:45
2) 29/04/15 Kevin Petre 59:48
3) 09/08/15 Claire Ray 59:59
4) 09/08/15
Andrew Ward 59:59
5) 09/08/15 Shawn Clark 1:00:21

6) 08/04/15 Adam Gomez 1:04:21
7) 09/08/15 Matthew Stott 1:05
8) 04/07/15 Richard John Roberts 1:06:24
9) 22/08/15 Anna Wilmot 1:07
10) 22/08/15 Kate Wilmot 1:07
11) 22/08/15 Johan Du Toit 1:07
12) 09/08/15 Andy Reid 1:08:23
13) 22/038/15 Gareth Wilmot 1:09
14) 12/07/15 Julia Tully 1:10:45
15) 16/04/15 Paul Kitching 1:11:38
16) 14/04/15 Warren Symonds 1:12:08
17) 12/07/15 Gareth Wilmot 1:12:15
18) 12/04/15 Blue Haywood 1:14:39* (Rough Water)
19) 12/07/15 Kiri Day 1:15:57
20) 22/08/15 Chris Brett 1:16
21) 16/04/15 Daniel Joseph Bosher 1:16:08
22) 16/04/15 Don Johnson 1:16:10
23) 08/04/15 Besty Best 1:17:10
24) 23/08/15 Andros Karasavvas 1:21
25) 09/08/15 Andrew Brant 1:22
26) 12/07/15 Nicola Schunke 1:24
27) 12/07/15 Debs Brant 1:27
28) 12/07/15 Sean Tully 1:29:40
29) 22/08/15 Lyndsay Delong 1:30
30) 12/07/15 Dave Lee 1:38