24 Hour Open Water Swim

24 hour swim





100% Swimming and Activities Away (Lincoln, UK) are pleased to announce a unique marathon open water swimming challenge. This 24 hour event will start on Tuesday 21st June 2016 & finish on Wednesday 22nd June 2016. To complete this 24 hour marathon open water swimming event you will need to swim one mile on the hour every hour for twenty four hours. This challenge can be undertaken as an individual, as a pair (alternating swimmers) or as a team of four people (rotating swimmers).

Full details and application forms are right here.

24 hour swim 2016 – Event Information & Application

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



Delta Simons Aquathon – Series Finale

Gents Ladies lincs winners





Series Winners Above:
(L-R Kieran 2nd, JP 1st, Mick 3rd)  (Jennie 3rd, Emily 1st, Molly 2nd) (Team Lincoln Tri)

Round 5 of the Delta Simons Aquathon took place at Activities Away on 9th September 2015 and it was a busy busy night. As well as all of our eager racers competing for prizes on the night it was also the deciding round for the series too. Plus with double points at stake and some of the big names in the mens race unable to make the date a few podium spots were definately up for grabs. The ladies races was almost settled apart from the places as two young ladies had pulled way ahead of the field in rounds 1-4. Additionally we hosted a “Lincolnshire inter (tri) Club Aquathon Championship ” – without further ado this was won by Lincoln Tri club.

So what happened at the Aquathon? Well It was a great evening for racing, bright skies but not too warm and the field set off at a pace, that pace was led out by Matthew Jory with a swim of 10:23 that gapped the field and actually turned out to be decisive in his first event culminating in a maiden victory. A class act – well done Matt, we look forward to seeing you next year.

Meanwhile in the ladies race yet again it was Emily and Molly who were leading the field, again it was the swim that proved to be decisive. Emily managed to take about 30 seconds out of Molly during the swim and this transpired to be the gap of the win at the finish line. This performance resulted in Emily taking the win on the night and the series overall, with Molly taking 2nd place on both the evening and in the series, both ladies taking several male scalps in the process.

Our dark horse of the evening, aside from the Tour de force Jory, was Mick Oliver. Mick has always shown true class in his racing and training but towards the end of this season he has really lit the touch paper.  Recording a PB on the evening Mick managed 2nd place across the line, these additional (double) points boosted him into 3rd overall in the series and he even won a Mars Bar off of me in the process – a good haul for the night, congrats Mick.

Delta Simons Round 5 Results
DS Round 5 – results

Delta Simons Series Results – Male
1st JP Hemmings Lincoln Tri 38
2nd Kieran Harby Unattached 30
3rd Mick Oliver Belvoir Tri 23

Delta Simons Series Results – Female
Emily Patch Louth Tri 57
Molly Campbell Lincoln Tri 55
Jennie Scrimshaw Lincoln Tri 32

The junior event was supported by a few regular faces. The first home was also first out of the water – Emily Crookes, yet again showing us that a good swim can set you up for the win overall. All Junior results are shown above.

Details of next years series will be published soon – there will be a major exciting change for 2016 that will blow the field right open meaning that anyone of you could be standing on that podium next year and whoever does will have truely performed at their own best!

Delta Simons Aquathon 2015 – Series Finale

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After a hard fought four rounds, Wednesday 9th September will see the series finale of the Delta Simons Aquathon Series 2015. It is going to be an interesting race for three reasons;

1) Its always an interesting race!
2) The series finale is a double points race – 20 points for the win, 18 for second etc etc
3) This race has been selected as the Lincolnshire inter-club Aquathon Championships

So its time to turn up, tune up and race your socks off! It will be a fun night of racing for sure.
As usual, swim caps, nutrition and tshirts for all plus – series finale winners will receive a fantastic Blueseventy prize as well.

See you all in a couple of weeks – and yes I wil be racing.

DS Standings R4 2015

The Wire – “Unplugged” 9 August 2015


stock 4 Wire start - 9-8-15 Team Awesome





Our intrepid sixtuplet took to the waters of RAF AKI this morning and encountered a large turtle and a ray whilst swimming “The Wire – Unplugged”. Why unplugged? Well these qualifying swimmers instead of having the usual flotilla and land based support crew opted for self sufficiency in the open water point to point 3.8km adventure swim.

The stretch of coast line off Akrotiri, (SBA, Cyprus) can pose several obstacles to an easy swim but today the conditions were perfect including traffic free waters (thanks to the start of the Cyprus – ROC – holiday stand down).

The waters were calm and clear and all six struck out well in perfect conditions. 5 of the 6 swimmers swam skins and many took massive PBs for the distance. Congratulations all – full results of the swim are on the website now under “The Wire” page.


The Wire – The magnificent 9!

stock 4 stock 3 stock 1



brief butt safety team wire complete









This morning, 07:30 – 12 July 2015, saw an epic edition of The Wire swim at RAF Akrotiri. Nine swimmers and a team of seven safety crew plus SBA Marine unit on standby took to the water with purpose. Between us we covered a total of 50km!!

The fastest swimmer today was Anna Wilmot. Anna swam brilliantly and paced her swim so so well. She was hotly pursued by the other 8 swimmers who all excelled with many achieving PB swims. From all on the safety team, Myself, George Beedie, Andrew Brant, Paul Kitching & Richard John Roberts we salute you;

Anna, Johan du Toit, Julia Tully, Gareth Wilmot, Kiri Day, Debs Brant, Nicola Schunke, Sean Tully, Dave  Huge Congratuations to all of you. Plus big thanks to Michelle (Shannon Osland) for catering for our group.


Richard Roberts – The Wire 04/07/15

stock 4 RR Finish line RR Wire 1 RR Wire Tshirt RR Wire2








Richard John Roberts completed The Wire this morning in an epic time of 1h:06:24. Just 16 Weeks ago Richard was a lane 6 Aki Swim Squad member now he sits at number #4 on the all time “Wire” record of swims at RAF Akrotiri. That is a quality performance. At 3300m (500m to go) I gave Rich a spot and told him “500 to go” his response “okey dokey” now that response suggests he was feeling pretty good.

At the end of his swim we asked how he felt. Again he said “yep all right, a bit tougher than I thought but I hope I hit 1:15. Well considering he didnt hit 1:15 (he smashed it) I made him warm down for 500m back to K1 – well we dont like to short change anyone at 100% Swimming

Congratulations Richard!

Cyprus National Aquathlon Championships






Race Report

On Sunday 21 June I had the pleasure of taking part in the Cyprus National Aquathlon Championships. The format selected this season (it appears to change often!) was Run Swim Run in the proportions of 2.5km/1km/2.5km. Well, they were the stated distances. As I have found out in Cyprus the swim distances often appear to be best guessed, with varying degrees of success. (The April Joke earlier in the year saw me record a 23 min 1900m for example – good swim splitting 1:11s? or maybe it was a touch short). Well much to my good fortune on this occassion we appear to have had to swim a breakwater too far included in the course and we were presented with a very rare seemingly long swim course – wow swimmers favour!!

Race round up.

Arrival and registration were smooth and everyone was issued with a basket ITU style. I remember from earlier races that the Cypriot Federation are very keen on tidyness in transition and often DQ offenders so there was a need for neatness. We lined up for the first run and I positioned myself a few rows back – we were about to commence a run on a mixture of pedestrian pathway (Outbound leg) and undulating sand track through trees (Return leg). Although it was narrow and I didnt want to be blocked im not the fastest in a pair of trainers either so I did not want to impede others either.

Once the gun sounded we set off and 500m into the race It seemed that the pace was not that fast, I had assumed it would be lightening quick due to the short distance. Perhaps they were saving it for the swim? I had no idea why for such short distances so I took the opportunity to quickly move through the field and catch up towards the leaders. I had to be close after Run 1to have any chance at all. I suspected that I was 200-250m behind them at T1. I zipped through T1 and it appeared that the lead pack had only made it across the beach and half way to buoy 1, the inital turn, maybe even just 50m swum of the first 150m swim before the turn – they seemed not to be moving well.

Taking to the water I put my head down but held form. Sighting often to get to the first buoy I noticed that a lead pack were heading off line already, seeing this I dug in and passed the group of perhaps 7/8 swimmers quickly to avoid them finding my feet. I couldnt see how many were still ahead of me but I guessed 3-5 people in a pack, I could clearly see the lead SUP and that was a long way ahead.

During the swim I was accompanied by the lead female swimmer to the turn of the course. She was on my inside and whilst I could have legitimately cut in, I allowed her plenty of room around the buoys as it would be ridiculous to impede the leading lady when there was no need. Only an idiot would do that, then I accidentally slapped her…twice! I cant say if it was old habbits honestly it was just poor swimming, I tried to be kind I really did.

Needless to say I swam by myself on the return leg, I actually pulled away from her as I went to stroke, increased my stroke rate and engaged a stronger leg kick. She however probably just didnt fancy being hit again and steered clear. As I reached the final turn buoy and headed to the beach I could only make out one swimmer. Ouch! I though I had had a really sound swim, I was super aware of stroke, I over took a huge pack and dumped the leading lady by 50m or so over the inward stretch – I thought they must have been rapid because I have worked hard but had a great swim!

As I entered T2 from the beach I could just make out George, the Cyprus National Champ making his way out of T2 and off into the woods for Run 2. Once again I had a fast transition and set about chasing after George for 2.5km. At one point his lead over me seemed to dwindle to 80m but he held me steady around the 80-100m mark. It was hard to see any other athletes due to the nature of the terrain, twists turns trees etc – you had to keep your witts about you. At the turn I could see an absolute train of athletes chasing me down but I knew they were not going to catch me. I could see George ahead of me and he knew in turn that I wasnt going to catch him either. So that was it around 1km to go and I was in no mans land, my fate was sealed and my position was now my position – what ever that was. Well in 3 – 4 minutes time we would find out what that was.

As I crossed the line, pretty spent to be fair, I regained my breath, congratulated George and asked him how we had done. He didnt understand. I asked him what again – What position are we?, How many people have finished? He looked at me quizzically pointed to himself and said 1 and pointed to me and said 2! Almost as if to say well obviously I am first, why dont you know this?

Unbelieveable, I simply had no idea I thought there had been a pack ahead of both George and I, it seems that I overtook everyone except George in the swim. What about the SUP – why was he so far ahead in the race? According to George the guy just had bad pacing, he didnt know how far ahead to go so he was useless to the race. Well actually he wasnt useless to me – his obscene distance ahead of the field made me work so damn hard to catch the pack that I had already overtaken, itactually meant that I was putting in a huge gap in on the field instead.

(The swim by the way was a sea swim in Limassol, inside and outside of the breakwaters, it was a calm day with no breeze or chop – best part no wetsuit or hat due to hot conditions.)

So there we have it.
My results were 1st Place – Over 40s
2nd Place Overall in the Cyprus National Aquathlon Championships.